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Annual ZINE
Issue #02

This is the second issue of The RISD Feminists Zine

I created and produced in my second year as President of RISD Feminists.  


Marginalized communities have always fought for visibility. For the second annual RISD Feminists Zine, the team has asked for submissions from the community that interrogate what being visible means to them, and how they are advocating for

it through their craft. We present a curated

collection of art and written work in these pages,

in the hopes that they will uplift all the different voices that represent RISD and further encourage the fight for visibility; not only for ourselves,

but also for those around us.

Zine Team Members: 

Marsha Movshovich (Illustration 2020)

Vernon Shipway (Illustration 2021)

Cindy Qiao (Textiles 2022)

Lena Rentel (Furniture 2022

Sung-Sung Suwanpraipatana (2022)

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