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Collaborative zine 

Collaboration with:

Gabriel Abascal

Irvi Stefo

Jennifer Joung

After feeling limited by the restraints of the fall semester, fellow sophomore Graphic Design majors and I decided to collaborate to create a zine with complete creative freedom.

Since it was our first issue it only seemed fitting for the theme to be Birthday. In the span of 5 weeks, we were able to design, publish, score, and prepare an exhibit in the Graphic Design Commons for Form. 

Not only did we want to make a zine that showcased our creative abilities, but we also wanted to implement a form of interaction in our grand opening. And for that reason, we did not bind any of the zines. Instead, we allowed the attendees to make (birth) their own zine by selecting from the spreads made. So they were given control on what spreads to include or not to. 

To the left are scans/images of the spreads I designed. Below are images of the final zine and of the exhibit's grand opening. 

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