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of "CARBS" 

by Laura Goodman

9x12 Softcover Perfect Bound 

As a cookbook fanatic, I frequently venture into local bookstores searching for the latest cookbooks and this past January I came across “Carbs” a new book written by Laura Goodman, a female foodie who was not ashamed of her love for carbs. This book was beaming with recipes that no longer succumbed to societal pressures put upon women and instead celebrated the deliciousness we so often fear. Louise Hagger, the photographer for this book is also what drew me to the page due to her colorful palette and 50s inspired setup. While a saturated image may not always seem delectable, Louise Hagger manages to do both beautifully and effortlessly. But the design of the original book was quite bland for my taste and in many ways made the recipes and images suffer. The photographs should have been more on display and the way the recipes were typeset made it difficult to follow and bland for my taste. So in order to give Laura and Louise the stage they deserve, I decided to redesign “Carbs”. 


In my interpretation, images are full bleed and have a much larger role. As well as there is a more coherent system to the recipe layout and the pacing of the book is slower in order to really soak up Laura’s every word. The book is also larger than the original and I eliminated the majority of the illustrative elements that I found unnecessary.

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