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Easy Access
to snacks

Create a design concept and identity using a combination of e-flute corrugate.

About EATS:

EATS is a brand of snack boxes delicately assembled for a variety of activities that can be so much better with snacks! Each box contains five or more goodies that can range from popcorn to marsh-mellows and even soda. 


All the items inside are full-sized as well as some awesome surprises! Each box has been curated with to a specific theme that calls for snacks. Rather than having to find all these items on your own, EATS gives you easy access to all the snacks you need for your next movie night, camping trip,

or road trip. 

Client Brief:

Design an entirely new brand and package design utilizing corrugated board. Fits a niche in the market that has yet to be explored. 

Design Rationale: 

While protein boxes are all the rave, there really are no themed snack boxes currently on the market. While there are snack subscriptions, they typically specialize in a particular snack, country, or serve a health purpose. I hope to introduce a new box into the market: a themed snack box that will be complete with all the essentials one would need for a variety of events. These events include: camping, flu season, and movie night as the first three but could expand into beach trip, road trip, or even sleepover. With millennials being on the go, these boxes will make shopping easier and cute that

all of the essentials come together perfectly selected for the user.

The pattern for this box resembles typical mailer box styles. The black square signifies the clear window that will allow users to see all the snacks inside! Each box will include a list of what is included in the box as well as a few stickers with the EATS logo for users to share. 

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