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ZINE 01 

Zine I created and produced during my first year as active President of RISD Feminists. 



Intersectional Feminism was born out of the racism and of the Women’s Movement and the sexism of the Civil Rights Movement. The exclusionary nature of these movements brought forth the realization that discrimination does not occur in isolation. Prejudice is a layered phenomenon and

marginalized identities should not be asked to separate, ignore, or erase different aspects of themselves, including but not limited to race, gender, nationality, sexuality, and disability, to be treated as equal. Intersectional feminism is a movement that argues diversity and inclusivity as vital in the fight for universal equality.


This zine is a collection of work from RISD

students who responded to the question: What

does intersectional feminism mean to you?

In each of these works, made in a variety of mediums, the artists expressed their individual, unique perspective and experience with intersectional feminism.

Zine Team Members: 

Becca Ford ( Furniture 2019)

Marsha Movshovich (Illustration 2020)

Hannah Latham (Photo 2021)

Cindy Qiao (EFS 2022)

Lena Rentel (EFS 2022

Sung-Sung Suwanpraipatana (EFS 2022)

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