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Blind Installation


The first part of this project invited us as designers  to question all previous notions, methods, and materials that we would consider when making a poster/announcement. This part was broken into three separate steps: distort, move, and destroy. The final iteration would be displayed in the GD commons as part of a final exhibition.

I began brainstorming as many prototypes as possible until I landed on the practice of weaving.

Previously in my practice I had developed two separate images that I then physically weaved together to create a new unplanned image. So by taking this technique further, I planned on designing 4 different posters and weaving them into one greater poster as well as combining 2 of the 4 and the remaining 2. However, through this process I ventured away from weaving and intermingled the pairs of 2 by creating a poster of alternating strips. This ended up becoming a happy accident that pushed me to what you see to the left. ​. 


I began the construction of the blinds by purchasing a set at the local home depot, measuring each individual blind, and how many were included in one set. After doing so, I adapted the digital files so that they were the correct dimensions and once printed I cut the entirety of the posters into 2 inch strips. Once cut, I attached each strip to each blind one by one. After completion, I hung the blinds in the corner of the GD commons because I thought it would be a funny quirk that it was placed between two windows rather than on the windows themselves. By making two posters back to back on blinds, the viewer would have the ability to go back and forth between the two though a simple twist of the handle.


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