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flip & Serve Pancake set
package REDESIGN

Redesign of a series of two labels of the same category: spices & seasoning. 

About Melissa & Doug:

Melissa & Doug is an American manufacturer of children’s toys such as, wooden puzzles, arts & crafts products, plush toys, and other educational toys. Knowing that kids naturally gravitate to play that imitates adult behaviors, Melissa and Doug developed a pretend play line of delicacies designed to look just like the food bought at the grocery store. 

Client Brief:

The client hopes to reduce the amount of plastic being used in the current design so that is it more eco friendly. The new design’s main goal is to be more sustainable as the entire packaging will be of use after its initial opening rather than having parts be thrown away. Eco friendly toys are not only healthy for kids and the environment by creating less waster but, they also prepare the next 

generation to be responsible stewards of the world around them.

Design Rationale: 

The Pancake Set’s current design uses a great amount of plastic in its molds in order to display all the particular pieces. The inventive part of this package is that it includes a place mat and the bottom acts as a stovetop in which the child can cook upon. However, the plastic is not necessary and the package itself is too large for the toy itself. And even though the stove gives the box another purpose, I think it is important to implement 

a way in which it can also act as storage so that the 

child does not loose any of the pieces. The current design does not do this. Overall, I think Melissa & Doug have made some positive design choices but I think this pancake set can be pushed even further to become more eco friendly and ultimately reusable. 

I decided to integrate a shelf into my package so that it becomes a place of storage and with the handle can easily be taken from place to place.

The stove is still integrated onto the bottom of the drawer. This provides 3 reasons for the user to not throw away the package and instead utilize it as part of the play activity. 

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