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Discourse on

Rather than a linear record of the four texts: (Massimo Vignelli's Long Live Modernism,

Katherine Mccoy's Rethinking Modernism Revising Functionalism, Jeffery Keedy's Zombie Modernism, and Paul Stiff's Stop Sitting Around and Start Reading) we were prompted to develop a narration where the texts interact (with their respective authorship stated clearly). 

I decided to make a book within a book within a book within a book. By combining the booklets into one larger book, the pages can overlap onto one another and the reader can see multiple texts at one time. I chose to make each specific text a different color and size so that they would be easy to differentiate. 

Printed on Colored card stock and pamphlet stitch bound by hand. Placed in plastic bag with white vinyl cut on the vinyl cutter. 

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