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Interactive package

The goal with this package is to produce an object that can articulate a singular statement or theme without needing the creator there. When tasked with this step I immediately thought of online shopping and that experience of opening a package when it arrives and the joy one feels. This is an emotion/element I knew immediately I wanted to strive for by taking those visual cues and attempt to replicate them. The second initial thought I had was this idea of transportation/portal, I very much wanted to send my recipient on a trip and so this became an underlying theme as well.

The final package was a bright red shopping bag filled to the brim sealed with a QR code placed in a miniature grocery cart that could roll across any surface. I purposefully placed the QR on the bag so that the recipient would have to scan it prior to the unboxing. There was also a letter tucked in on the side that thanked the recipient and went into detail about what they would find in their package for all their supermarket needs. Once the package was open, the user would then have to dig through plastic food toys to find all the individual items: a grocery list notepad + writing utensil, a collection of supermarket stickers, a booklet of supermarket images through the decades, and a map of my local supermarket.


The overall goal of this package is to make the user stop and smell the roses for a little while longer. Supermarkets can seem mundane as we visit one almost every week if not every month from the moment we are born until we grow old and grey. One can never outgrow a supermarket experience making those visuals and sounds part of our life’s vocabulary. Each supermarket is also unique and different but across all backgrounds, still resemble one another. It is an experience to go grocery shopping and I honestly think that if people were able to do so with more time and care, they would see the real joy in going to a supermarket.

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